[Raise your right hand]

I am a Philippine Science High School Scholar.

Committed to the pursuit of excellence, foremost in my academic life and later, in my service to the Filipino people, to whom I owe the gift of my education and to whose uplift I must dedicate my God-given talents and acquired expertise in science and technology.

I envision myself as creative, inventive and innovative, taking the lead in initiating positive changes that will enrich my school, my community and Philippine society.

As a scholar, I embody the scientific spirit – inquisitive, logical, analytical and critical – but also equally imbued with the humanist values of justice and compassion, prudence, integrity and humility.

I am committed to the perpetuation of the human race and the preservation of the universe that is its home.

I finally envision myself as actively professing and operationalizing love of God, country, others, and self in all my goals, activities and achievements.

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